--------- At first, what is "juyojo"? ---------

"Juyojo" : Ofuda and Omamori are given to shrine-visitor at juyojo.

( it is said that "give" instead of "sell".
because in the shinto shrine, all money means donation. )

--------- Why 1prim!? ---------

OK, I'll tell you the truth.

Please refer to the following pages.

Why 1prim!?

--------- How to use ---------

This commodity appears from underside of a transparent box every 1 minutes.
to use this commodity, please set to visible the transparent object.

like this.

OK. please rez "!Rezzer-Juyojo_mini!"

Can you see red smoky BOX?
this is commodity.

after 1 minute, juyojo appears at underside of this box ( -5m under).

Please adjust location.

thank you.

(C) Giorno Brando